Since 2010 CourseSaver (Chad’s Videos) remains THE most recommended study material to prepare for the DAT while also being highly recommended by users taking the MCAT, PCAT, and OAT.
Over 70,000 students have used CourseSaver to prepare for their entrance exams including ~90% of all accepted dental students.
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kellyeaevans | 10 years ago

Chad presents the material in a way that make's it so easy to comprehend. I was worried about studying for the MCAT a couple years after graduating college, but Chad has made the material easier to learn and understand than the first time I learned it in college! He does a great job presenting the material in a clear way and then gives common ways the MCAT may ask a question and how it might try and trick you. I feel much better prepared for the MCAT now that I have found Chad's videos

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nea2themax | 10 years ago

I heard about Chad's videos from so many of my friends who were studying for the DAT. They told me that they were awesome and super helpful, so I had to check them out for myself. I'm so glad I did because they helped me tremendously in my DAT prep! Chad made many of the Gen Chem concepts I was struggling with so simple and easy to grasp! And it turned out that I achieved a score of 22 in Gen Chem, which was my highest subject score! Couldn't have done it without you, Chad! Thank you so much!

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Dhall6597 | 10 years ago

Hands down the best DAT study tools I have come across. Great idea Chad, I love it!!!!

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grabows7 | 10 years ago

Don't waste your money on anything else, get Chad's videos! These videos have great explanations and definitely helped me get to the top of the curve in my chemistry class! Can't wait to use them to study for my DAT!

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ashana811 | 10 years ago

I am looking forward to using Chad's videos for my OAT prep because I have heard nothing but great things. I'm gonna go out on a limb and give Coursesaver a 5 star rating!

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ndkim91 | 10 years ago

Chad's video has helped me so much in preparation for the DAT. All his videos were nice and neatly organized. The style of his teaching techniques were superb, and the lectures were clear and informative. My DAT score greatly improved after watching his videos. Thank you Chad!

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