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wardariaz | 10 years ago

Okay so I was a little skeptical at first about learning over videos but after watching the free biology videos I know this will be a an amazing decision to buy Chads subscription! I read all the amazing reviews from other people and I can't wait to get started! Thank you Chad for the wonderful opportunity you are giving everyone and helping people fulfill their dreams. God bless.

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samshimi | 10 years ago

great videos! makes the test less daunting and makes you more confident in your abilities and knowledge to complete the test!

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sjestel | 10 years ago

Chad's videos really help when studying for the DAT!

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hlababidi | 10 years ago

Chad is awesome. He can break very difficult concepts down to be understood really easily. It is obvious that he is passionate about teaching and helping people do well on their exams

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stricklands1288 | 10 years ago

Chad's video's are awesome! They are so easy to understand and the concept's are broken down in simple formats. I never dread watching these video's!

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Ryanng | 10 years ago

I subscribed to chad's Video to study for my DAT tests, and I took the test last week. I did really well on Organic chemistry, general chemistry, quantitative reasoning and biology. Most of the stuffs on the test are covered in chad's videos. I highly recommend everyone to use chad video as your main study material for the DAT, MCAT, PCAT, etc. Chad videos will save you tons of time and money, because Chad only cover what you need to know on the test!! thank you for making my life easier!!!

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