Since 2010 CourseSaver (Chad’s Videos) remains THE most recommended study material to prepare for the DAT while also being highly recommended by users taking the MCAT, PCAT, and OAT.
Over 70,000 students have used CourseSaver to prepare for their entrance exams including ~90% of all accepted dental students.
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nirali.patel54 | 10 years ago

Chad teaches the material in a way that is simple, easy to remember, and greatly reinforced by his connections to real-life scenarios, acronyms, and other useful tools to master the concepts. Since freshman year, I have been learning and reviewing concepts from chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry from Chad, his review sessions, and his online videos. Without his help, I would not have the same depth of understanding of the concepts in my classes, and I would not have the fundamental foundations that is so essential for science learning. I highly recommend using his videos and materials, as they are some of the most effective and economical on the market today!

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Grandmaster | 10 years ago

Watching Chad's Videos really hit the nail in making you learn better and easy memorization in whatever subjects you're taking. It's also help us prepare for the MCAT as well!! Chad if you weren't a guy, but, was a girl instead I seriously would have kiss you because that's how awesome you are!!

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doumind | 10 years ago

honestly, ive never seen any who can explain better than Chad. I had to self-teach myself ochem and i had no idea where and how to start. after watching his ochem videos i knew pretty much everything i had to know and i was ready to go. i don't know what else i can say about his videos but they are 'must'.

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mahdibazzi | 10 years ago

I love how Chad is better at explaining science concepts than most undergrad professors. Im currently studying for the MCAT and I started off by using Chads videos. Great choice!!!!

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laurayimer | 10 years ago

I liked that he was very thorough in his videos and covered alot of areas in a simple way making it easy to understand.

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RobbyDSan | 10 years ago

Words cannot express how thankful I am for these videos. I used them for the MCAT this past summer and now I will be starting medical school in July. Chad's videos helped the large volume of information stick and I was confident on test day. Thank you Chad and Alan!

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