Since 2010 CourseSaver (Chad’s Videos) remains THE most recommended study material to prepare for the DAT while also being highly recommended by users taking the MCAT, PCAT, and OAT.
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sivan | 10 years ago

I love Chad's videos because they are the best! I have met Chad about 3 years ago when my brother (Eli) used to go to his review sessions. I could not wait for the moment I could actually view those videos that were filmed when my time to study for the DAT will come. Now that I am studying for the DAT, my first step before any book is to watch and study Chad's videos. Chad's videos are great especially if you took some of the classes a while ago and forgot information. He goes through what you need to know for the test and even has quizzes you can take after each video. I am excited to start my DAT studying journey! Thank you Chad! -Sivan

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Kaysey | 10 years ago

I was studying to retake the MCAT when a friend of mine recommended Chad's Videos. At that time, I was struggling greatly with Physics. I'm not the sharpest student when it comes to math subjects, and my Physics teachers in college have been sub par at best. The Physics section was killing me. Then, I signed up for Chad's videos. They BLEW ME AWAY. I was excited to watch his Physics videos because they made so much sense! It was like getting glasses after struggling to see for years. Was this really the same physics I had struggled with for so long? Why doesn't everyone teach Physics this way? His examples, methods of presenting the concepts, and supplementary documents all expertly cut through the insurmountable barrier that I imagined prevented me from understanding Physics. Everything was suddenly clear. Now that I see how clear it is, I feel that it's bizarre that I never really understood Physics before. Whenever I meet a friend who is studying for the MCAT, I make sure to tell them about these videos. To me, Chad's videos aren't just another kinda-handy MCAT resource, they are invaluable for understanding and practicing MCAT concepts.

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speffa | 10 years ago

What is not to love about Chad? Chad's videos have been a lifesaver for me throughout my college career. Although I have had many amazing professors, I would not have done nearly as well in their courses without Chad's videos. These videos clarify difficult topics and make them seem possible to master, so you can earn the grades you want and gain the knowledge you need. Not only that, but Chad also uses witty analogies that keep students?? attention and make the learning experience fun. After watching one of his videos, you too will wonder, "What is not to love about Chad?"

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gcu | 10 years ago

I cannot even begin to describe how essential Chad's videos are to success on the DAT. Unfortunately, I learned this later in the game. I spent over $1000 on a Kaplan DAT course and discovered how little it helped me after I received disappointing scores on my DAT. I began using Chad's videos and quizzes, and I feel more prepared for the science sections after just a few weeks than I did after completing my Kaplan course. Chad finds a way to make difficult chemistry and organic chemistry topics seem easy to understand. He breaks down every topic and often demonstrates shortcuts or tricks to help you solve and understand problems, as well as saving time on your standardized test. Not only are the videos a great resource, but the quizzes reinforce the topics you learn and question you in a variety of ways. Chad is the best resource you can use for your test preparation, and the minimal cost is a benefit, too. I am so thankful for Chad and his helpful resources, because I know I will be on my way to dental school very soon.

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Snehal | 10 years ago

Chad's video are a great help especially for the MCAT something I used frequently. He goes over every detail to the point and this is what we need for most standardized tests. I love the videos, very good tool for reinforcement or a study aid. Love the videos.

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nguyen04 | 10 years ago

I have been watching Chad's videos for like a week now and I really love it! They are so useful and easy to understand.

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