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shiw98 | 4 years ago
OAT Physics: 340
OAT Chemistry: 310
OAT Organic Chemistry: 330
OAT Quantitative Reasoning: 300

Chad's videos is perfect for OAT studying. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to use his videos and take notes. The quizzes were a great way to reinforce concepts that were covered during the videos. I would say just take the time to learn the concepts!

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Aavelas3 | 4 years ago
OAT Physics: 380
OAT Chemistry: 370
OAT Organic Chemistry: 380
OAT Quantitative Reasoning: 380

This course is honestly all I needed to perform well on the science sections of the OAT. Without chad I would not have performed as well as I did so thanks course saver!

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fliegelnv | 4 years ago
OAT Physics: 270
OAT Chemistry: 310
OAT Organic Chemistry: 330
OAT Quantitative Reasoning: 350

I'm very thankful for Chad's videos. I used them for 2 months to study content in preparation for my OAT and they paid off BIG TIME. The prices are amazing and the content is even better.

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doghten2 | 4 years ago
OAT Physics: 370
OAT Chemistry: 380
OAT Organic Chemistry: 370
OAT Quantitative Reasoning: 370

Chad's videos were absolutely amazing. He is passionate, very enthusiastic, made me laugh several times while watching his videos. I recommend Chad for studying for the OAT, he clearly tells you everything you need to know and how to best study.

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mgomez | 3 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 30
DAT Organic Chemistry: 22
DAT Quantitative Reasoning: 23

I could not have gotten my OC or GC scores without Chad's videos! Some details might seem oddly specific while you're learning, but it's because it's a high-yield question!

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jenny.perez21 | 3 years ago
OAT Physics: 300
OAT Chemistry: 310
OAT Organic Chemistry: 310
OAT Quantitative Reasoning: 280

Chads videos are amazing! I did really well on my bio portion too! I wished I studied quantitative reasoning for more than one day, but that's my fault! I'm sure that with more practice from his videos would have given me a higher score.

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