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sullivmt | 12 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 24
DAT Organic Chemistry: 22

Thank you Chad. You are an amazing teacher and really do make all the difference for so many students. Went from a 14 in organic chemistry on my first topscore practice test to a 22 after watching your videos. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

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garberme | 12 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 20
DAT Organic Chemistry: 19

Thank you Alan for compiling these videos!! Chad you have a wonderful gift!! You make the material so clear and easy to understand. I wish every science teacher was a amazing as you! :)

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cshah13 | 11 years ago
OAT Physics: 290
OAT Chemistry: 360
OAT Organic Chemistry: 310

I was expecting better score in organic :(

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kalehman | 11 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 23
DAT Organic Chemistry: 23

Thank you so much for all the help with gen chem and organic!!!The first two times I took the test I got 16 in gen chem and 17 in organic!!! could not have done it without these amazing videos!!!! thank you!!!

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sfeng2005 | 12 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 26
DAT Organic Chemistry: 24

You are the BEST, Chad! Thank you SO MUCH!

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general disarray | 12 years ago
MCAT Physical Sciences: 11
MCAT Biological Sciences: 11

I decided to spend my money on practice materials and review books instead of a formal prep course. When I would get stuck or confused in a section I would turn to Chad's videos. I watched about half of them. They were better than any prep course possibly could have been. I especially loved his videos on carboxylic acids and their derivatives, waves and harmonics, and electricity/magnetism. Thanks a million!

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