Since 2010 CourseSaver (Chad’s Videos) remains THE most recommended study material to prepare for the DAT while also being highly recommended by users taking the MCAT, PCAT, and OAT.
Over 70,000 students have used CourseSaver to prepare for their entrance exams including ~90% of all accepted dental students.
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datvideos | 8 years ago

I started off reading Kaplans book for the sciences and I learned absolutely nothing. Chad does a great job keeping his videos short, organized, and extremely helpful. Even the math section is very helpful.

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MJ304 | 8 years ago

Digging your videos, Very educational!!!

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jhjung | 8 years ago

I think Chad is awesome. His videos helped me to get A in all of my gen chem classes, and physics classes. I really need good grades on science courses to go to dental school. And I will study my DAT with Chad and eventually become a dentist. When I get accepted to dental school, I am planning to see Chad in person (if he wants). I really think he is so smart and intelligent. He knows all science. Thank you again Chad!

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apbuiii | 8 years ago

Chad was a real helper in MCAT studying. He is great at giving high yield concepts and lots of practice. He also has a nice sense of humor. GO CHAD!

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gcu | 8 years ago

There are millions of resources available from companies to companies to prepare for the MCAT. But Chad's Videos truly stands out with the way Chad explains concepts simple and applicable. I have been having difficult improving on the Physical Sciences but through these videos, I am more comfortable in tackling each questions without being afraid of all the big words. Thank you Chad!

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issah7411 | 8 years ago

Chad is the reason why I have been accepted to dental school. I received a 22 on my TS due to his videos. If you want someone to make your science sections of your standardized test seem easy, you are at the right place. Chad definitely deserves an award he has helped not just me, but many of my friends succeed as well. Thank you Chad!

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