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Zarspharm | 10 years ago
PCAT Chemistry: 92

The PCAT does not breakdown the Chemistry into Chem and O-Chem, but took the PCAT before even taking O-Chem! I just went through all the videos and had enough information to get it done!!

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asurakyo | 10 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 23
DAT Organic Chemistry: 23

I only studied Chad's, taking notes for 1 week for both Gchem and Ochem and I studied the notes for another week just for G chem and Ochem. He explained things in a way that I needed to know, without going too much in depth since we are responsible for massive amount of information already. Best investment I did for DAT prep.

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craig.r.thiessen | 10 years ago
MCAT Physical Sciences: 10
MCAT Biological Sciences: 9

First practice test: 16 First and Final result: 30Q Powering down physics and ochem in such a "memorable" way, makes coursesaver the ultimate study guide. For anyone who asks for advice, I send them to coursesaver. High value for high yield teaching. Chad brings it, and it's hot. Thank you!

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dbxodms1 | 11 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 30
DAT Organic Chemistry: 30

Hope my score explains a bit. Chad didn't let me miss any

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seunglim87 | 11 years ago
DAT Chemistry: 30
DAT Organic Chemistry: 26

Chad's videos are must-have studying material if you are preparing for DAT. I had very weak back ground in science. but studying with chad's videos for one and a half months i was able to get a perfect score on chemistry section and 26(98.1%) on organic chemistry. His explainations are easy to understand and covers almost everything that would appear on the exam. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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Jacob.DeMenna | 10 years ago
MCAT Physical Sciences: 12
MCAT Biological Sciences: 11

First off, I realized I never thanked Chad for ALL of the help he has given me. So thank you! I was the normal Pre-med. Very ambitious, and I tried very hard in every class. I am not the smartest person, I really only do well when I apply constant effort. I have trouble synthesizing information from textbooks, and really need people to explain it to me in simple terms with examples. When studying for the MCAT, I took my normal approach and applied that constant effort for maybe 2 hours a day from January until my test day in April of 2016. But I was at a loss for what materials to use. I won't lie, I tried them all. I purchased several copies of old materials from other test prep companies, and I tried to follow along, but I just couldn't. Finally, I took the stab and registered for a Kaplan course. In all honesty, they did help with the normal 'test taking strategies' but the explanations still lacked. I saw Chad's videos, and considering how cheap they are, I went ahead and tried that too. Chad's videos ended up being my go-to resource. I would watch his videos and everything would be SO clear. If I ever strayed and studied from another resource, I would often find myself more confused and with a distorted understanding. So I would go back to Chad's videos and it would be crystal clear again. In the end, I would take my notes from Chad's videos and make very clean pristine copies in my own writing, and then studies straight from those. They ended up being a life saver. The physical sciences were always hard for me, but they are a high yield section as a few extra correct answers can bump an 11 to a 13. I took 6 practice exams from the AAMC, and those helped me get a good gauge of where I was. I took the test in April of 2011 and I got a 35Q! That's a 12V, 12P, and 11BS. Needless to say I was ESTATIC! After applying I happily got my #1 school, and I am now a first year medical student at University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix. THANK YOU CHAD! -Jacob

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