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17 Questions1.1 - Molecular Structures And Bonding13 Questions1.2 - Resonance17 Questions1.3 - Acids And Bases8 Questions1.4 - Functional Groups8 Questions1.5 - Nomenclature11 Questions2.1 - Intermolecular Forces5 Questions2.2 - Newman Projections9 Questions2.3 - Cycloalkanes14 Questions4.1 - Vocabulary5 Questions4.3 - Isomers With Multiple Chiral Centers, Diastereomers, Meso Compounds21 Questions5 - Alkene Reactions7 Questions6 - Alkynes3 Questions7.3 - Diels Alder Rxns19 Questions9.2 - Distinguishing Between SN1, SN2, E1 And E2 Rxns8 Questions10 - Free Radical Halogenation2 Questions11 - Mass Spectrometry13 Questions12 - IR Spectroscopy2 Questions13.2 - C13 NMR6 Questions13.3 - H Nmr Determining The Number Of Signals3 Questions13.5 - Determining An Unknown From Nmr Spectra2 Questions14.2 - Acidity Of Alcohols1 Questions14.3 - Reaction Of Alcohols With Hcl Hbr And Hi2 Questions14.4 - Reaction Of Alcohols With Pbr3 Socl2 And Tscl1 Questions14.5 - Dehydration Of Alcohols With H2so415 Questions15 - Benzene Reactions19 Questions15.2 - Aromaticity9 Questions16 - Nucleophilic Addition Of Ketones And Aldehydes8 Questions16.5 - Hydride Reductions of Carbonyls10 Questions17 - Summary Of Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution Rxns1 Questions18.1 - Acidity Of The Alpha Carbon2 Questions18.2 - Intro To Alpha Additions7 Questions18.6 - Aldol Condensations3 Questions18.8 - Claisen Condensation1 Questions18.9 - Beta Decarboxylation4 Questions28 - Oxidation Of Alcohols With Chromic Acid And Pcc85 QuestionsMiscellaneous
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