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7 Questions1.1 - Units7 Questions1.2 - Vectors5 Questions2.1 - Displacement, Velocity And Acceleration8 Questions2.2 - Graphs Of Displacent vs Time And Velocity vs Time4 Questions2.3 - Kinematics Calculations5 Questions2.4 - Projectile Motion1 Questions3.1 - Mechanics - Newtons Laws Of Motion4 Questions3.2 - Forces - Fundamental Forces, Gravity, Normal Force, Friction, and Tension3 Questions3.3 - Basic Gravity And Weight Problems (Including A Classic Elevator Problem)3 Questions3.4 - Basic Friction Problem5 Questions3.5 - Inclined Planes2 Questions3.7 - Pulleys1 Questions4.1 - Work1 Questions4.2 - Kinetic And Potential Energy And Conservation Of Mechanical Energy10 Questions4.3 - Force And Potential Energy Of Springs2 Questions4.4 - Power3 Questions4.5 - Momentum And Collisions5 Questions5.1 - Uniform Circular Motion5 Questions5.2 - Rotational Dynamics2 Questions6.1 - Rotational Kinematics4 Questions7.1 - Elasticity Of Solids9 Questions8.1 - Hydrostatics - Density And Pressure4 Questions8.2 - Buoyancy And Archimedes Principle3 Questions8.4 - Hydrodynamics - Equation Of Continuity And Bernoullis Equation6 Questions9.2 - Waves and Standing Waves29 Questions15.1 - Electric Forces And Fields And Coulombs Law14 Questions16.1 - Light Frequency Wavelength and Energy of a Photon2 Questions16.2 - Electrical Potential And Potential Energy16 Questions16.3 - Capacitance25 Questions17.1 - Ohm's Law, Current, Resistance, And Power10 Questions20.1 - Mirrors And Lenses5 Questions21 - Hydraulic Jack
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