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CourseSaver's resources are top notch. Quizzes with solution guides to review everything you learned in general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics, you will have what you need to help you score in the top 90th percentile on national placement exam.

  • Over 10,000 Quiz Questions with Solutions

    Get down to the brass tacks with quizzes and flashcards organized for all of our subjects. Peers can also share their own flashcards directly with users or publicly.

  • Flexible pricing as low as $12/month

    Purchase the full gamit and never stop learning or purchase a la carte and only take what you need. The choice is yours!

  • Pre-Health Prep (DAT, MCAT, OAT, PCAT)

    Passing these tests is no joke and they have incredibly important implications. Know how to pass them the first time and do so in the top percentile.

  • National Boards Prep (Dental / Medical)

    Understanding what's on the National Boards prep is important. Knowing how to pass them is the next step. Get the info you need to do it.

Chad's DAT, MCAT, OAT, and PCAT videos are no longer available on Coursesaver. Updated DAT, MCAT, OAT, and PCAT videos are now available on